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at last first real squat appeared right in the main center of Lithuanian capital. it is a house with separate yard near a big so-called "youth" park. though the police are quite strict about drinking or making noise in the park, they don't know what is happening behind the walls of a lonely two floor house. there is an art gallery on the ground floor. the building was given to art academy students something like 15 years ago as space for their studios. but it was long time ago, at the moment there three guys - all of them still or before played in various underground bands (bepavadinimo, wc news, invazija, dr.green, vonia). one austrian guy, doing his civil service in Vilnius, lives in the squat as well. the first event was called "Empty houses for free people". last summer festival with live bands and fire was held in the yard. new year's party with fireworks and dancing-drinking party also gathered some people.

though some punky-minded people moved to live abroad (mostly in Berlin), there are still quite a nice crowd of colourful people left. after the only Vilnius' (and Lithuania's) underground club "Bombiakas" (australians ninetynine, french la fraction, czecho-americans sabot, finnish manifesto jukebox, diaspora, other foreign bands and almost all Lithuanian underground bands have played there) was closed to become a rehearsal place only, dr.GREEN band have opened their rehearsal basement and it became known as "Green club". though the club is open not regulary, few times in a month there is a 200-300 crowd. besides live bands on DJs in the basement, there is a table tennis upstairs. the band members keep the doors, bar and stage service. when it's warm "greens" open "Green cafe" on Sundays with warm vegan food. all bands are welcome to play (warm food+drinks+some cash for petrol+sleeping place), but all nazi-racist-sexist-macho "heroes" keep away for the venue. it is home for bands like dr.GREEN, SC, LMP and few more.

unfortunately no real punk bands left in Lithuania, though most of the bands deal with punk way of thinking. LMP - the only original reggae band - after releasing successful album "Molines Sraiges Ivaizdis", gave very hot gig in "Green club". their guitar player/singer studies in Germany, so the band's future is doubtful. LMP "heart" drummer/singer keeps playing in bands like VONIA, TURBINOS, SC. VONIA (distorted violin and bass, drums; members of invazija, lmp) have recorded debut record full of original folk-emo-core, but it is still unreleased. unfortunately one of the most promising lithuanian melodic hardcore bands INVAZIJA split-up - drummer plays in vonia, guitar player in a metal-animal rights-core act BRAMBORAK - new leaders of local hardcore crew. the band is fronted by long dreaded and tattooed Krilas - main lithuanian zine "Kablys" editor and <record label "Kablio muzika" founder.

in 2000 BRAMBORAK released (after a few line-up changes) their second album "Animal Voice" and went on tour in Europe together with Australian hardcorers BY ALL MEANS.

local Russians SPICHKI have recorded their new album. before they have played some gigs in Germany and received warm support there. quite interesting thing that SPICHKI's drummer Slavka is also the drummer of very popular britpop band BIPLAN, which was heavy promoted in Russia. SPICHKI play very soulful cabaret punk and always give very hot concerts.

TORO BRAVO few times tried to play abroad, but because of their singer had serious troubles on the border and were forced to stay at home. after releasing their debut record, they presented fresh hits in "The Best of TORO BRAVO pt.2". with Maisas (ex-legendary punk/hc band ERKE MAISE) on a guitar and impressive singer they play powerful sing-along oi! punk, but always declare their antifa position.

dr.GREEN released their second album "The Sounds Of Black & White Radio" and toured in Europe even twice last year, playing with such bands as OI POLLOI, INNER TERRESTIALS, GUTS PIE EARSHOT, MOLAIRE, DIVIDE+CONQUER, ROBOTNICKA, PRIDIGARJI, POST REGIMENT, etc. last summer they were invited to play in a punk festival "Kulturschock" in Berlin. Their performance at "Tabuns" festival in Kuldiga/Latvia was one of the hottest in festival together with Estonian J.M.K.E. the band have recorded d.i.y. demo and are going to go on euro-tour in October again. after presenting themselves as a ska band, dr.GREEN turned more to punkrock recently.

new fun-punk band is ARMATURA with original ERKE MAISE members and their friends. all of them builds houses, so all their songs are about work. they have recorded new stuff recently.

of course, there are more bands, but they are half-dead or taking first steps only. unfortunately no old bands left. TURBOREANIMACIJA tried to become Lithuanian GREEN DAY with few pop-punk albums, but it was not successful. after their singer tried to make something like CHUMBAWAMBA with his new project N-14, but it was totally crap. TR's guitarist Kriaucius on his 30th birthday presented his new band TURBINOS. two members of LMP, Kriaucius and girl on vocals/guitar try to create sound wall a la MY BLOODY VALENTINE. but it was only their first appearance, so it's too early to say something. ERKE MAISE members plays in TORO BRAVO and ARMATURA.

zine scene is almost dead. "Kablys" had serious troubles with selling it in shops, because of not being officially registered. anyway, 10 issue is going to be released. the zine is mostly devoted to hardcore scene, while covering punk, ska, etc. fields as well. few issues of "Sperm Oil" were published, but it seems it's over. avantgarde zine "Salikapalikau" is published from time to time, but it's write mostly about art-noise scene. so published word isn't on its top. in exchange, last year website www.hardcore.lt was launched. most of the above mentioned bands have their sites there. you can always find some news, gigs announcements, nice pictures, other useful information. if you are going to Vilnius - check it out for some contacts. so it somehow replace the lack of zines.

though some years ago underground movement in province was quite strong: there were some bands, clubs and big punk festivals, recently it's empty and everything is concentrated in Vilnius.

talking about electronic scene, most of DJs play popular house music and try to make their parties with luxury. most often it looks quite shabby There are few guys in Trakai (not far from Vilnius) who are interested in ragga/dub/ska stuff. they have played few times at Green club and people were happy to hear jamaican riddims.

so check out www.hardcore.lt in order to find out more about current Lithuanian scene.

Domas - drgreen@hardcore.lt


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