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wherever you're coming from, the street address is: MAIRONIO 3, the courtyard. the place itself is in the very center, near to such landmarks everyone would know as Gedimino Pilis (Gediminas' castle), Dailės Akademija (Art's academy, right in front of it), Šv. Onos bažnyčia (St.Ann's church).

Comming from west (Kaunas, Klaipeda) or south (Poland) you will enter the city on a big downhill street, called SAVANORIU, follow it for 5-6 kilometres, as soon as you pass a tunnel, take the first exit on the right, turn left there, go down to the river, turn right at the traffic lights. (*) drive by the river for a few blocks, until the second bridge on your left / Opera House (big black building) on your right. at this crossroad, go straight (the main road goes right), this is supposed to be done from 2nd lane of 4 :). follow TILTO street then, after a speed bump the street splits in two, take left, then forward until a T-intersection, turn right there, the VIlnius Cathedral must be in front of you, a big white building. follow the main paved street until it turns right sharply onto a street called Maironio. you're almost there. at the far end of the building on the corner there's a gate on the right, go there. arrived.

Arriving from north (Latvia, etc), you will enter the city on an autobahn from Ukmerge/PanevEZys. As you enter the city, go all the way straight, via the street called UKMERGES. There'll be a lot of shops along the road, two viaducts, then the road goes downhill. At the bottom of the hill, go on straight throught the crossroads with traffic lights. After this place the street is called GELEZINIO VILKO. Follow the street under the traffic circle, then on to a bridge. right after the bridge take an exit on the right, drive past Statoil fuel station, under the bridge and you're at the crossroads, that are mentioned above, indicated by *. go the same way.

It is THE station, as it is the only in town. ;) Take trolleybus #2, and go to until the stop called Arkikatedra (it's marked on the map, URL below). Get off, walk between the big white cathedral and the bell tower, cross the square, when you reach the BARBOROS RADVILAITES street, turn left. There should be a park on your left, on the right -- PILIES STREET, going uphill. follow the RADVILAITES street, until it turns right, becoming MAIRONIO street, then go to the second gate on the right. welcome :)

If the gate is open, go into, there'll be another gateway in the courtyard, on your right ca. 30 meters far from the street gate. go through it, left in the small yard, you should see the punks hanging out or atleast the spraypainted green club logo. If the street gate is closed, well, you'll have to negotiate the old guards, who won't speak any foreign language except Russian. they like to brainfuck, but are generally helpful :)

Tomas 370 699 53201 (or 8 699 53201 from local telephone)
Mindas 370 699 97338 (8 699 69338)
Albertas 370 687 89418 (8 687 89418)

if you are coming from Latvia (north side), the best way is to go via Grenctale(LV)/Saločiai(LT) border crossing. it is the main one on LT/LV border, located just on the Riga-Vilnius road and usually quite fast. bad time to get there, though, is Friday night as lots and lots of Latvian merchants are going to the biiig bazar in Vilnius on Saturday. check the maps, take some adjacent crossings. really. :) the road is simple -- just go straight on the main road, all the signs point to Vilnius
coming from Poland the best location is Ogrodniki(PL)/Lazdijai(LT) border crossing. not much of traffic, so you get through it quite fast usually. from the border you should stick to Lazdijai - Seirijai - Alytus - Valkininkai - Vilnius route, no matter what your map says :) -- the road is ok and it's shortest path... road numbers are 135 -> 132 -> 128 -> A4 -> 105 -> A1. it's not as complicated as it looks here :)
DO NOT go through Budzisko(PL)/Kalvarija(LT) border crossing as you will have to wait at least an hour there. It has a lot of truck traffic and the border officers are fucking slow. if you decide you have to take that one -- well, it's your choice -- but then, you should better reach Vilnius through Marijampole - Prienai - Trakai road and not via Kaunas. it'll be faster.

there's a big file with Vilnius map, at, the place is in front of a bus stop (black square dot) called Dailės Akademija, in the centre. please note, that the markings on the map are from the pre-fire era, showing the old lcoation. we'll fix them as soon as we are not lazy :)
also, it is recommended that you checkout website to explore the location, routes and so on.

suklijavo Laura Angelaitė ir Simonas Atsipisk!.