2006 july 20-22 Polska, Olecko "Fiesta Borealis"
2006 july 28 Latvia, Saldus "Zvera" festival
2006 august 3-5 "Darom" festival
2006 august 12 Germany "Ladyfest Berlin"

    2006 06 16 Concert "Girls with matches" (Vilnius)

    At the beginning it was like in fairy tale of Anderson - no happy
    end. It seemed that several years of waiting, struggles for place
    and hopes give no fruits. But we are girls with matches and we
    are not from the tale. We made our fairy tale to end happily.
    Excitingly smelling warm night, smiling people and all bodies
    mowing in rythms of Iva Nova - that is the main psychic picture
    in the head. Sadness of farewell and hopes to meet in Russia,
    surrounded with white or black nights - nevermind the colour of
the sky. Big thanks and kisses of all girls of Iva Nova, Stepas (Va Taip Vat) for eternal support
in music equipment, Tomas - for making the sound as best as it possible, Krilas and Alina for
poster and Dzonis -for trusting in us last minute and helping with place for concert (Bix bar)
Check out: Iva Nova website
2006 05 23 Austria and Czech republic

Wonderful festival on 17may in Wien "Tuewi": openair,sun, music and beer lead us to total
relaxation in Wien for 3 days and for that we would like to say big "thank you" for all "Tuewi"
crew for inviting us to play there, and also for people from 3-12 apartment for bearing us all 3
days:) You guys are really patient!!!:) Hugs and kisses for all!:* Also big big kisses for Prague
guys for organization! Though there were not a lot of people, but the atmosphere was really
warm and great! Thank you! The bigest kisses are for Auguste for replacing Julia on vocal
position. And also for Mister Stefan Johanson from Va taip vat for possition near wheel and
a lot of beer:)


    I am repeating all the time: "Dont dive if u still can't swim. It's
    senseless throwing your self on the rocks". That's what we
    did. Though we were preparing ourselves for that. Last two
    months before Ladyfest were like fluctuations between deep
    depression and strong euphoria. Laughing through tears, and
    crying with isterical laugh. And as it was coming closer and
    closer everything was going to bigger extremes. Last money,
    broken vehicles in the middle of Lithuanian motorway just night
    before Ladyfest. Beautiful birds' singing at 4 a.m. and white
    breathing from frozen body. Last cigarette hold with shaking
    arm, but something inside was still burning. And burning
    through all these 78 hours of not sleeping, when it is already
    hard to distinguish between hallucinations and reality. It is like
    watching stormy sea on friday night and feeling empathy for her.
    After Ladyfest someting was so lack inside, there were no ever
    burning, just new thoughts and energy for next year. Happy talks
    emotional sharing of last seconds of euphoria in the closest bar
in Uzupis. That's the end. Tomorrow it will be so different. That's all about our feeling Before
and After. What was between? Running between people and things smoking a truck of ciga-
rettes, short momental trumping with leg and head with Dr. Green, Los Trabantos, identifying
with emotional wibes of Subway, and giving last sounds and moves of our bodies on the stage
with Zimbabwe. Thanks for : Dr. Green (double or even trible thanks for Tomas), Los Trabantos,
Subway, DJ Deficitas, DJ Julyte, DJ Vabaliukas, Laura, Dutch feminists for money support, as
always eternal thanks for Stepas:), Migle for patient, because of her broken vehicle, "EuroStar"
for the sound; Bozka for pictures; animators:Gintare, Rasa; people, who send us movies from
women art festivals in their countries, Krilas for poster ... and all others.
Check out: foto
More: Ladyfest Vilnius , Dr.Green , Los Trabantos , Subway

    2006 03 26 Poland tour "Purpulis Maladiec!" finished!

    We would like to thank for Va taip vat for wonderful family time
    through all the week,for flowers and feet massage.Also would like
    to thank for organization and good time for Sriuba(Wawa), "Stereo
    Krogs"club (Lodz), Squat "Awaria" crew (Zielona gora), Andreas
    (Gorlitz),Zaba, Frania, Pelka, Kasia and all "Pilon" club crew!
    (Torun) Big thanks and kisses for all!!!
    Check out some pics: Purpulis maladiec!
Venerelettrica'2006 in Italy!

    So!On 2-4 March Zimbabwe played in women art festival
    "Venerelettrica'2006", which took place in Perugia, Italy.
    Nice city, great time and of course unforgetable music vibrations!
    From poprock folkrock, emorock, classic, acoustic sounds on
    piano and guitar to more hard rithms like heavy metal!
    Check out some pics: Perugia

contacts: zimbabwe@hardcore.lt
+37068421923 Eliza
+37067694903 Julia